About us

Isaiah’s Promise was founded in 1995 to provide families, who decide to carry to term after receiving a severe or fatal prenatal diagnosis, support, information, friendship and hope. We understand, first-hand, the need to support these families who, after making this courageous, loving decision to continue the pregnancy, often feel isolated and alone. We draw on our own experiences – each of us, despite the diagnosis, carried to term. Although our babies’ lives were incredibly brief, they changed our lives forever.

Over the years, we have helped hundreds of families in the Washington Metropolitan area and across the nation reframe their expectations. We help them grieve the baby they were expecting and accept and love the baby they are going to have. Through emails and phone conversations we help families walk the path of an uncharted pregnancy. We know the sorrow and pain the diagnosis can bring. We focus on the baby you are carrying and the love that surrounds your baby. We help you create memories and find ways to celebrate your baby’s life - no matter the condition or duration.

Our mission at Isaiah’s Promise is to help each family find some joy, fulfillment and peace in their decision to continue the pregnancy. It is our privilege to share in their journey as they find some meaning, some comfort and some hope in the knowledge that they gave their baby the greatest gift of all - the gift of life.

Nancy, Jenny, and Elizabeth
Contact us at info@isaiahspromise.net