The day we learned about our Angelica’s devastating Trisomy 13 diagnosis was unquestionably the worst day of our lives. We were told her condition was “incompatible with life,” but having watched her kick and punch like crazy on the ultrasound, she was already very much alive in our hearts. Knowing this, we decided that we were “all in” for our little girl, and when she was placed in our arms and we got to look into the face of an angel, we felt overwhelmingly blessed and happy beyond words. Isaiah’s Promise helped us appreciate and prepare for every step of Angelica’s journey into life and into death. Seven hours is painfully short, but we gave our baby girl a life surrounded by family and filled entirely with love.  


Annmarie and Steve 

Thomas, Jr.

We were so excited that we got pregnant right after getting married and we were even more excited to find out that we were having a boy. But, then something was wrong on the sonogram and before we knew it our little boy was diagnosed with a ‘fatal chromosomal condition.’ Our world came crashing down. With the help of Isaiah’s Promise we carried on our pregnancy and had our son, Thomas. We were blessed with our beautiful angel for almost 7 months. We would not trade a moment of the joy and peace we received from being Thomas’ parents for all of the suffering that came from his diagnosis and passing.                                           

Elizabeth and Tom 


Eyewitness Account:
I have been an [anesthesiologist] for eight years and I’ve lost count of the times I’ve done anesthesia for caesarean sections. Many times I celebrated the birth of a new life. Sometimes I was saddened to see some premature babies requiring intubation sent to the neonatal intensive care unit. A few times, the fetus had already died in vivo, and I mourned with the moms. Over all these years of providing obstetrics anesthesia, I either celebrated the new births, or lamented for the lives lost. There was never a time to celebrate and mourn, feel joyful and sorrow at the same time. Last week, one of the caesarean sections transcended this dichotomy. It so touched my heart that it would change my life forever. For the first time in my life I observed what unconditional love is and learned how to give thanks in all circumstances....
To read more of this beautiful essay, please go to: Joseph's Birth

Dr. Liguang Huang, Anesthesiologist, Sinai Hospital  

Parents: Jenny and John



Kira Lee and Kira Marie

 When I got the diagnosis, the genetic counselor gave me a brochure about Isaiah's Promise along with other information about terminating the pregnancy. At that time I was about 13 weeks pregnant. I was devastated, but I knew that terminating the pregnancy was not an option.  As soon as I got home that day, I sent an email to Isaiah's Promise, and I got a response right away. I was amazed with all the support we received from them from the moment they replied to my email.  They supported us and even though our journey was hard, we got to cherish and love our babies during all the pregnancy until the short time they were alive after birth. We will always be grateful for all their support during such a hard time. 



 My beautiful daughter Elsie Jubi Lee was born with Trisomy 18 in April 2012. Her birthday was a miraculous gift. We knew early on in the pregnancy of her diagnosis and had dared not hope for a live birth but still prayed for time. As much as we tried to make the most of her precious life in utero, the 10 wondrous days of her life after her birth were a blessing from God for us to get to know our daughter even more, and for her to get to know us. How much love filled our home those few days! My two older children loved doting on her and she responded and loved them back. Then, it was over as she passed away peacefully in my arms and returned to her gracious Father in Heaven. We miss her dearly, yet how happy we are to have Elsie in our eternal family. We have since had three more precious children. The support I received from my kindred sisters at Isaiah's Promise before, during, and most especially after her birth and death have deeply impacted my life and my recovery through grief. I am honored to know and associate with them. I love the connection we have through all our babies and that, with this loving community of mentors and friends, my daughter's short life is never to be forgotten. 



"...I was a little hesitant to get hooked up with Isaiah's Promise at first because I was just angry and I felt it was only about trying to save faceless babies but what I realized is that Isaiah's Promise is more about saving families and having families find grace and love through loving their babies...I just knew he would be born over Easter so at thirty-three and half weeks on Good Friday I told my husband that I was in labor and Miles was born on Holy Saturday and he passed away on Easter. He was our Easter Angel...You don't realize at the moment because you are in such a crisis that you will get through it and that your whole life won't be so dark. And, after you are through it your life will be completely different but your life can be better.  And, I can tell you that my closeness with my family and my closeness with God are directly as a result of Miles. And wow, that is a gift..."



When I was 20 weeks pregnant, our little  Hannah was diagnosed with Trisomy 18. My husband and I were heartbroken but we knew we wanted to carry her to term. My doctor recommended that we get in contact with an organization that helps women and families get through this hard time. Isaiah's Promise, from the beginning of our journey until now, has been a blessing to our family. The compassion, personal involvement and support far exceeded my expectations. Because of their encouragement and practical suggestions for creating cherished memories, my husband and I were able to prepare for Hannah’s short life. We are so grateful for Isaiah's Promise; they showed us how to make every day with Hannah beautiful and meaningful.



Mark and Patrick

My life changed forever during my 20 week sonogram. I was told that one of my twins had significant brain abnormalities and that I should consider a selective reduction. I knew that I wanted to continue the pregnancy no matter how bad the prognosis seemed. Isaiah’s Promise gave me the support that I needed during a very difficult time. I needed to talk to other mothers who had been through a similar experience and could really understand what I was feeling. Isaiah’s Promise gave me the opportunity to do that and helped me prepare for the birth of my twins.